How to Get the Best Cash for Your Old Car

It’s always exciting when you are about to buy a new car; however, it is also important to decide what will happen to your old card once you’ve made the purchase. When it is time to let your old car go finally, there will be a few options available to you, such as trading it at a dealership or better-paying options, such as selling it privately. One of these opportunities is the cash for cars service provided by the finest Car Removals Melbourne, Direct Cash for Cars.

What You Need to Know About Cash for Cars Service

Although selling a car privately will be more lucrative in terms of the sale price, finding the correct buyer will be equally difficult. Selling a car privately will take more time than just trading it in, largely because of the low-price hunting buyers inquiring. If you are not looking forward to spending weeks selling your car and don’t want to let it go for cheap at a dealership, you may want to look into another option, Cash For Cars service.

Typical cash for cars service buys old cars no longer fit to drive on our roads. These services also pay for damaged cars and cannot be registered for road use. The main business scheme is that the company will be parting out the said cars and use the rest of the car’s metal shell for scrap purposes.

  • The cash for cars service will usually tow the car from the location of its sale to the yard. Although not very frequent, sometimes car owners drive in their cars to the yard. It’s common to see cars piled up in rows, waiting their turn to be scrapped. Some car salvage and refurbishment firms have storage warehouses that store salvaged and restored components for sale. Cash for cars services run their operations by recycling approximately 80% of any vehicle.
  • Cash for cars services is licensed to buy unregistered/written-off cars. If you were to sell your unregistered or written off car privately, a successful sale would be slim to none. The same goes with slightly damaged cars – you won’t come across someone who will pay for an accident car on Gumtree or Marketplace. At the same time, cash for cars service is interested in your unwanted vehicle.
  • Most of the parts coming out of an old car are still usable, while some may need refurbishing. Cash for cars services might sell these parts through a dedicated used-parts sales component or directly to the customers.
  • After all the car’s usable parts have been extracted, there will be only the car body left, which consists of mostly steel and aluminium mostly, which is scrapped and sold to specific facilities to be recycled further.

The amount you’ll get for your car will depend on its make, model, overall condition and the current situation of the scrap metal market. The more popular a car is, the more demand it will have for its parts.


If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your old car, cash for cars service may be the best option. These services offer quick and easy transactions, and they pay fair prices for cars in any condition. With cash for cars services like Direct Cash for Cars, the finest car removal Melbourne you can rest assured that your car will be recycled responsibly.