Everything You Need To Know About Car Recycling in Campbellfield

Everything in this world comes with a time, and so does your car. There’ll come a day when your vehicle will lose all its shine when it’s no longer safe to drive when its engine says, “this is the end “, and you have to say goodbye to your dearest car. What will you do with this old gold? You cannot keep it in the locker of course. Well, that’s when you need to recycle your car.

Importance of Car Recycling

The car contains many different materials like steel, aluminium, copper, glass, rubber, etc. Through its dismantling, recycling, reusing it benefits the environment in a large extend.

An end life vehicle on the road is also hazardous. It is essential to selling the end life vehicle on time. It can prevent road accidents.

The Car Recycling Campbellfield Process

  • Depollution
  • Dismantling
  • Destruction
  • Resource Recovery

Parts of car that can be recycled

Almost all the parts of a car can be recycled. Did you know, you can recycle up to 86% of the total car material? Experts say, while some parts go for scrap, some parts in the car are worth more money than ever. These parts include batteries, wheels, windshields, radiator, transmissions, car seats, tiers AND catalytic converters.

The recycled metal from your car is used to produce many new products. Recycled glass is used to create tiles, countertops, jewellery, glass beads, etc. Around 10 gallons of oil can be saved in recycling a ton of glass.

Can I send my dead car for recycling?

YES, YES and YES. Your car need not be in a running condition to get recycled. Even if it is completely dead, it can be collected for recycling. Usually, the quiet car gets towed from the pick-up address you’ll provide.

Do you know?

Do you know you can earn cash in exchange for your old car? Melbourne Cash for Cars gives money for recycling your used and old car. You need to offer Cash for Cars Campbellfield a call, and we will immediately tow your vehicle from your address.

Give your dearest car a proper send-off! Consider recycling.